Workforce Advisory Panel

Role of the Workforce Advisory Panel

  • Liaise with ARCCCR to review questions relating to nursing in the ARCCCR survey each year to intensive care unit.
  • Monitor the information gained from the ARCCCR survey.
  • In conjunction with the convenor, facilitate the provision of a session relevant to workforce issues at the Institute of Continuing Education conference.
  • Maintain currency of the following ACCCN position statements; Intensive Care Nurse Staffing (2003) and Use of Healthcare Workers other than Division 1 RN in ICU (2006).
  • Coordinate the distribution of the above ACCCN position statements through the National Office
  • Review the staffing section of the ACHS guidelines for intensive care and make recommendations for changes.
  • Review the nurse staffing sections of the JFICCM & ANZICS guidelines and make recommendations for changes.
  • What are the necessary elements to successful workforce planning in the critical care nursing context at a local, state and national level?
  • What can ACCCN do to optimise these elements and ensure an adequate supply of appropriately skilled and knowledgeable critical care nurses are reasonably distributed throughout the country?

Workforce Advisory Panel members

Leah Adams - (VIC) Chair (yet to be confirmed)
Andrea Driscoll (VIC)
Helen McCann (VIC)

To contact the Workforce Advisory Panel please email

VIEW THE WORKFORCE terms of reference HERE