Quality Advisory Panel

The quality advisory panel was established by the ACCCN Board to provide expert knowledge, advice and information to the ACCCN Board on matters relevant to critical care nursing best practice.

Just as effective multi-disciplinary team functioning is essential to the management of critical care patients, so too is collaboration with other healthcare professionals essential to the provision of quality outcomes in critically ill patients. While this panel considers nursing contributions to quality care for critically ill patients, it also fosters links with other health care colleagues in the interest of improvements in quality outcomes. Key collaboration occurs with the ANZICS Safety & Quality committee.

The panel is also involved with developing sessions on quality relevant to critical care nursing for the ACCCN ICE conference and the ANZICS International conference on Safety, Quality Audit and Outcomes Research in Intensive Care.

Quality Advisory Panel Members

Malcolm Elliott (VIC) - Chair (yet to be confirmed)
Bernadette Grealy (SA)
Elizabeth Manias (VIC)
Julie Greaves (NSW)
Melanie Greenwood (TAS)
Leah Adams (VIC)

To contact the Quality Advisory Panel please email admin@acccn.com.au

VIEW the QUALITY terms of reference HERE

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