Paediatric Advisory Panel

Role of the Paediatric Advisory Panel

  • Provide expert knowledge, advice and information to the ACCCN Board on matters relevant to paediatric critical care nursing through the chairperson
  • Provide expert knowledge, advice and information on paediatric critical care nursing issues to Branch Management Committees, ICE and ASM Organising committees as required
  • Facilitate paediatric critical care networking among ACCCN members in each Branch
  • Facilitate sharing of information and expert knowledge to the membership via articles in the Critical Times newspaper and posting on the ACCCN website
  • Participating with the group to provide a resource to the organisation via their members’ expertise, networking and timely discussions on issues presented to the group.
  • Provision of a report to the National Board twice each year

Paediatric Advisory Panel Members

Grace Larson (VIC) - Chair
Amanda Ullman (QLD)
Grace Larson (VIC)
Tina Kendrick (NSW)
Mark Woodard (WA)
Amy Johansen (VIC)
Jessica O'Leary (QLD)
Scott Stokes (WA)

To contact the Paediatric Advisory Panel please email

VIEW the PAEDIATRIC terms of reference HERE