Role of the Cardiac Advisory Panel

Within the identified area and context of expertise the role of the Panel is to:

To provide expert knowledge, advice and information to ACCCN National Board of Directors to assist its informed decision-making.

To comment on relevant documents provided by the National Board.

Serve as a resource to the ACCCN National Board of Directors and committees on interpretations of matters within the Panel’s area and context of expertise.

Initiate and/or coordinate specific projects as requested by the National Board.

Recommend representatives or spokespersons to represent ACCCN on national forums and committees.

Foster the development of knowledge, collaborations, and networks within ACCCN and with other nurses, other nursing representative bodies, and health care providers nationally and internationally.

Communication between panel members is mostly via email with some teleconferences or meetings as required.

The term of appointment for the panel is 2 years.

Cardiac Advisory Panel Members:

Andrea Driscoll (VIC) Chair
Cate Stevens (VIC)
Pramila Naidu (VIC)
Rhonda Sanders (VIC )
Shaun Johnson (SA)
Chantel Sharland (SA)
Allison Lacey (QLD)
Nicholas Adam (VIC)

To contact the Cardiac Advisory Panel please email

VIEW the CARDIAC terms of reference HERE